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We have tried our best to make sure that all our materials are correct. But since we are humans, it is normal that we make mistakes from time to time. Fortunately, we can take advantage of the flexible nature of the Internet and correct mistakes one by one once they are discovered. In other words, we are in the process of refining this Web site. And we need your help. If you have spotted any mistakes in our Web site or products, it will be much appreciated if you could report such mistakes to us via the form below.

In your report, please tell us the URL's of the pages that you find the mistakes and copy the sentences in question from fullstop to fullstop. Please use { } to indicate the mistakes and, if possible, suggest some corrections.

For example, if you see "I is a boy." on, then the format of your report should be:
Sentence: I {is} a boy.
Correction: I {am} a boy.

In case you find mistakes in our audio materials, please briefly describe where you find them, e.g. the 2nd dialogue of Beginner's Japanese Lesson 1.

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