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Online Dictionaries
-Japanese>Japanese 250,000 entries
-English > Japanese 120,000 entries
-Japanese > English 94,000 entries

-Japanese>Japanese 233,000 entries
-English > Japanese 90,000 entries
-Japanese > English 70,000 entries

-Japanese>Japanese 230,000 entries
-English > Japanese 117,000 entries
-Japanese > English 110,000 entries


  • Read the scripts while listening to TV news broadcast
  • The 1st paragraph is usually not read
  • The scripts are about 90% verbatim. Some paraphrasing may be found
Useful Sites for Japanese Learners
Improve your knowledge of the Japanese Language by learning new Japanese vocabulary, Japanese Grammar, Japanese pronunciation and other Japanese Language resources.
Enter the URL of a Japanese site and then it will show the Furigana (pronunciation hint) of all Kanji!
Japanese Accent Study A site for you to check which syllables to stress in Japanese words An interesting flash card system to check how many Kana you can remember