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Kanji-Number-Not have 無

Illustration and voice by Shou Yukiya Bookmark and Share
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How to remember?

Originally, (dance) were the same word. Both meant "dance". Later, 無 went independent and started to mean "not have". So the design of this Kanji by default has nothing to do with its meaning.

After scratching my head for three days, I came up with an idea. This Kanji looks like an empty shelf. So we can associate it with such an empty shelf that does not have anything inside. We can even imagine that the four dots at the bottom are the four legs of the shelf.


The radical of this Kanji is , which is called れんが(renga).

Do not confuse this Kanji with:

which means "dance"

which means "turnip"

For reference only (Not related to Japanese)

This Kanji is not used in the People's Republic of China anymore. Instead, the simplified form is used. Taiwan and Hong Kong, however, use .