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Kanji-Position-Middle 中

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Illustration and voice by Shou Yukiya Bookmark and Share
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How to remember?

First, this simple Kanji has three important meanings.

When used alone, it usually means "inside". To remember, just look at the Kanji. The vertical last stroke goes "inside" the rectangle.

When combined with other Kanji, it usually means "middle". It can be the middle of location such as 中心、中央 (center), the middle of size, the middle of social status, the middle of a period of time, etc. To remember this meaning, imagine that the Kanji is a flag, with the pole in the middle as shown in the illustration. (Actually, this is the design concept of this Kanji.)

When used after an "action noun" such as 食事(eat), 勉強(study), 滞在(stay), this Kanji means "during the time when doing this action". To remember, imagine that you are "inside that action".

Also, because China is called 中国 in Japanese (and in Chinese as well), 中 can be used to represent China, especially in newspaper headlines or names of historical events.


The radical of this Kanji is .

Do not confuse this Kanji with:

which means "say"