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Kanji-Number-Thousand 千

Illustration and voice by Shou Yukiya Bookmark and Share
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How to remember?

Since this Kanji is easy and frequently used, I recommend you to remember it as a sight word. In other words, just learn it by rote.

But if you want to know why =1000, here is the explanation:

千 is actually the combination of and , which mean "human" and "ten" respectively. If one human can live 100 years, then 10 can live 1000. And here comes the Kanji .


The radical of this Kanji is .

Do not confuse this Kanji with:

which means "dry". The first stroke is horizontally left to right. But for 千, the first stroke is diagonally right to left.

which is the Katakana "chi" . Actually, this Katakana is derived from 千.

which is mainly used in Chinese and very rarely in Japanese. The first stroke is horizontally left to right and the last stroke has a hook.